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Larry at Arches National Park

For over 40 years, Larry Lyon has been creating unique photographic works of art and commercial photography. Since moving to Grand Junction, Colorado from Austin, Texas in late 2015, Larry has already made a mark in the Grand Junction artist community.

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Larry’s work has been displayed in the Avalon Theater and Two Rivers Convention Center in downtown Grand Junction as part of the Grand Junction Art Commission’s juried American Spirit exhibit, in the masthead of the Grand Junction Sentinel newspaper, the 2017 City of Grand Junction Calendar, and was a featured artist at the Main Street Gallery in downtown Grand Junction.


As a Google Trusted Photographer and Zillow Certified Photographer, Larry has provided commercial photography services to many businesses on Colorado's Western Slope. Larry is also an FAA licensed drone pilot.

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Photos in Larry's "Viewscape" gallery are viewable in virtual 3D on your computer or smartphone by utilizing the provided links. You can use your cursor, or finger on a touch screen, to navigate around in the photo. If your smartphone is a newer version, you can just turn around while holding the phone in you hand.

Larry has captured impressive images from Nevada to New Mexico, Texas, Vermont, Maine, North Caroline and more. The subjects of his photos range from sandstone arches in Arches National Park, seashores in Acadia National Park, music festivals such as the Kerrville Folk Festival, in addition to a tasteful collection of nudes.